Dean Robert Nelson

400 Farr Shores Dr., 1A,
Hot Springs, Arkansas 71913

Home: (501) 262-5897
Work: (501) 922-4252 
Fax: (501) 262-5897


Since graduation, from Izmir HS and my departure from Turkey in July 1967, I have fought in the Viet Nam War, finished a 21 year career in the US Army, worked in corporate America, earned degrees from the University of Tampa and the University of Arkansas, and am currently teaching computer application/installation and business related courses for two community colleges and the University of Southern Arkansas.

Between Turkey and today, I was blessed with raising a son, Eric Dean, who graduated from high school in 1990, and is currently living in the northern Colorado area with his lovely wife, Brandi. Eric is a deputy sheriff in the Fort Collins area. I am not a grandfather yet!

My parents, Bob and Dolly, eventually retired in the Phoenix area, where my mother is still living, golfing and generally enjoying such a pleasing climate. I am blessed with the genes from these two.

I can not say enough about my wonderful sister Kathy Benedetto!

My future plans are to enjoy life to the fullest, golf, and fish and hunt birds as much as the weather permits. Also, complete doctoral studies in International Business from Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Most interesting, though, is just how often my thoughts drift back to high school and the wonderful people I was blessed to meet. I wonder if this is OK? Yeah!~~~~~~~~~~~! Thanks to “YOU-ALL.”

Love Ya, Dean