Jacquelyn Hutchison 

Maiden Name: Robinson   

2151 Vicki Lane
Cumming, GA 30041 


Home: 770.781.2664 
Work:  770.621.7342
Fax: 678.406.1745


Troy State University 4 yrs  BS Medical Technology (go figure!)

Internship and subsequent employment at Pathology Laboratory in Montgomery, Alabama until 1976

Ran away to Lihue, Hawaii to work in GN Wilcox Memorial Hospital until 1980

Got "Island Fever" and returned home to family in Albany, GA destined for Atlanta, but.......

Got talked into staying in Albany by a very handsome and persuasive attorney............

Not even he could make me stay, so in 1983 moved to Atlanta to work for SmithKline Clinical Laboratories in a variety of positions from technical to customer service..............

Attorney tracked me down, so I got a transfer to Miami where I was working during the Dallas reunion.  I really enjoyed seeing everyone and will not soon forget all the laughs and tender moments.

In 1988 moved back to Atlanta and eventually became a "corporate cop".  Through mergers and acquisitions, I decided to concentrate on personal life for a few minutes and met my wonderful husband at my baby sister's wedding.  Imagine our surprise when the blind dates everyone kept trying to fix up for us and were rebuffed turned out to be our best loves and life partners.  My perfect husband is one of six boys, most of whom have families and live in the area.  Big family gatherings.  I love it.

Baby Sister Kathy, husband Phil, and perfect son and nephew, Matthew live in Hilton Head and are still the most precious persons in my life.  Matthew is four and is magic and imagination personified.

Brother Mike retired from the Air Force as a Major and lives in the D.C. area.  Worked in the Pentagon for years, but blessfully, was retired before 911.

Roger and I are blessed that both sets of parents are alive and well and living near us.  We love bringing the families together during the holidays and other special occasions.  As all military brats know, it is uncommon for us to enjoy this luxury.  Then again, aging parents present new challenges and we hope we're up to it.

I've heard from many of you and am anxious to hear about all of you.  When I tell people where I went to High School, they really are impressed.  They should be.  We and all others like us are very special.

Until April 19,