Mike Williams, Sr.
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I live in the Great State of Maine, and have done so since my release from the Air Force. I have had a good life, consisting of working for Continental Trailways in Boston, Ma. and my most recent employment as a firefighter in southern Me. I had a stroke and a coronary heart attack in the line of duty, and have been retired since. My wife Bonnie and I, have 4 grown children ranging from 18 years to 30 years. Three boys and one girl. We have 2 grandchildren. Interests include flower gardening, RVing, camping, travel. I am presently on the Board of Directors at Humane Society/Waterville Area.


Although not an Alumni of Izmir High, as you can see, I had many friends who were.

I was stationed at Cigli A.B. in late 1965 with the U.S.Air Force. I was 19 at the time. Having never been away from home much in my youth, lonely and homesick for family would probably be an understatement. I passed my free time, in Izmir, exploring this new world. Many times I would eat at the outdoor restaurants on the waterfront. This is where I initially met Roy Pozos, Mike Ruefer, and George Harper. Through our conversation that evening, The Human

Mike and Bonnie

Race was born. Through these guys, I met a multitude of others. I also met Greg Townes at that time.

Although I like to spend my time in the present, I have never been able to forget all you people for a variety of reasons. Although fraternization between dependants and servicemen was frowned upon then, once parents met me, they found that I was an honorable and trustworthy person. Invited into their houses for meals and just to hang out.

Consequently, many of my memories are still vivid and close to my heart. I never really had the closeness and friendship that I experienced in Izmir, in my hometown or at my graduating high school.

I realize that some people may feel that I'm an interloper in their high school, but for the 18 months that I was there, many were like family to me. All the Izmir sites and it's alumni have been more than helpful in my internet search today for my bandmates. After 33 years of on again, off again searching, I have today managed to find four of the five, one of which is presumed to have passed away. Without all of the people who love their Izmir High heritage as they well do, it would have been much more difficult in my quest to reconnect. Although I won't be at the reunion, and not being alumni, probably shouldn't anyway, I would just like everyone to know that they all have touched my life in a positive way back then, that has endured time like no other. Thank you all.