Izmir Reunion Las Vegas 2002
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Sam Cotton Audrey Amos, Betsy Spivey Audry Amos Mike Ward, Dave Arendsee
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Hubby Carl and Sherry Starbuck Randy Starbuck, Shelly Goldblum Barbara Curran and husband Phyllis Johnson, Chris Stephans
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Barbara Curran and husband, Terry Malosh (standing), Chris Stephans, Steve Townes Mary Birdsong, Paul Powell (background) Kathy McNeilly, (Claudia's sister), Claudia Wilkie
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Kathy McNeilly, (Claudia's sister), Claudia Wilkie Karl Langill, Phyllis Johnson Edie Audorff, Kevin Miller, Sue Roesser Gloria Curran, Alice Tipton
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Terry Malosh, Barbara Curran, Joy Throm Kevin Miller, Sue Roesser (back of head), Claudia Wilkie, Gary Hutto, Gloria Curran (side) Mary Birdsong, Mike Ward, Ron Rabin(?) Jim Carver
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Carl spouse of Sherry Starbuck Mike Ward, Greg Townes, Jim Carver Mike Ward, Greg Townes, Jim Carver Larry Ward